Professional IT Management

At Mary's Office Business, we set you up with the best software to take care of your business accounts. Our AccountEdge partner helps with developing your system and gives you professional advice on your IT management.

IT Systems Analysis & Design

We will come to your business location and provide an accounting system analysis. Our expert assesses what you have in place and recommends improvements to your design and setup. If you're just starting out, we usually set up a system for you and advise you on the program to use. If you don't require a full computer system, it may save you money to have us handle your accounting. We tailor our business to save you money!

Any accounting program, no matter which one, is only as functional as the person using the keyboard. And if your system isn't set up correctly, it will never work well. Our analysis ensures you have what you need and that your accounts are set up for the accounting functions you require. Once an account is set up correctly, we can do payroll for 500 employees in 30 minutes each week. It's all in the way your system is set up, and we make it less difficult.