Detailed Forensic Auditing

Contact Mary's Office Business if you need internal forensic auditing. We can put together a paper trail and find every missing penny. We also provide bank and credit card reconciliations. If money is missing from an account in question, we can find it. We're open 24/7 to provide technical support and answers.

There may be times when you receive a monthly bill from a company for what should have been a one-time charge. If your accounts aren't in order, you may continue to pay the bill for some time. Our forensic services help you follow through to find and retrieve your money. We look for the last penny owed to you, so you don't have to. Save yourself a lot of work and make your life easier.

An Example

A client kept getting notices about unpaid bills from a telecommunications company. The client insisted she was paying the bills. As it turned out, the checks were being written to someone else, not the proper company. This is embezzlement.