About Us

Call us with any questions you may have about Mary's Office Business. Our goal is helping with your accounting needs and seeing your business become more successful. Your first consultation is FREE.

We realize that many business owners have issues with their invoicing and bookkeeping, and we have been providing business accounting services for 30 years. Owners may know their business, but not know the fine points of accurate bookkeeping and coding. That's where we shine.

Tailored Services

Our accounting and computer services, as well as our IT management services, are tailored to save employers money and meet their needs. Every individual and each company has a different set of requirements, and we tailor our services to provide an economic benefit and cost-effective results.

Everyone should be in real time, all the time. Some business owners still write up their accounts by hand, and this is neither time nor cost effective. Our systems also help with accuracy. For example, we make sure sales taxes, and payroll deductions are paid and filed on time.

We have the expertise to offer complete office services. Mary Decker, owner, has written three programs including MIS manuals, registered with the Library of Congress.