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Customized Business Office Services

Come to us because of trust. No matter what service you need, you can have faith in our professional and confidential services. Trust is why we have long-term clients. If something doesn't seem right with your accounts, you don't have to wait for hours. You can call us right away. We'll go over different details to find out what's going on. Electronic technology makes it easier to keep track of your money.




IT Management

Magnifying Glass

Forensic Auditing

No matter what you require, we find the answer that works for you. We provide 24/7 tech support, our customized services are cost-effective, so this helps with your bottom line. The accounting program we use gets regular payroll tax updates for every state, so our services are available nationwide.

You have CPAs that charge top dollar and IT managers who submit huge invoices. Our philosophy does not include high pricing; we're here to look out for you. We don't charge a ridiculous amount for a five-minute conversation. We charge what is fair for the service provided. Our goal is helping you succeed.

About Us

Mary's Office Business services are available nationwide, and our business office services includes accounting, IT system analysis and design, computer management, and forensic auditing. For 30 years, we have worked with clients in all industries, including construction, restaurants, lawyers, retail, car dealerships, entertainment, and more.

You know about running your business; we know about keeping your books in order. We can take care of your payroll, purchase orders, and receipts and we also provide professional software management.

All services are tailored to meet your needs. We only set you up with the services you require to keep your office running smoothly, and we save you money too because there's no need for you to hire additional staff. We're always looking for ways to save our clients' money, and we keep your books in order at a low cost.

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